Thursday, September 2, 2010

CousCous in Colorado and more!

"What am I supposed to feed you!?!?" 

This is one of the first things my Mom said when I booked my flight to go visit my parents in Colorado for the weekend. My Mom has never had to deal with my food allergies (other than peanuts) and being a mother she wanted to make sure I ate healthy and got enough food. I was a tad nervous because I didn't know what I was going to ask my mom to get or cook. 

It turns out it was great! My Mom went to Whole Foods with me and said, "get what you need". I got some soy milk, yummy mango Popsicles (thanks to my friend Sara who was with us and saw them), bananas, and ingredients to make a couscous salad. My Mom was looking for things I could have and trying to help me come up with new recipes. 

My couscous salad was so easy to make and served cold it was very refreshing. Here's what I included:

  • multicolored pearl couscous
  • vegetable broth (tastes better than cooking with just water)
  • fresh mushrooms
  • garlic
  • basil (fresh from my Mom's garden)
  • and a touch of olive oil
  • a tiny bit of black pepper

I just cooked it all up and then stuck it in the fridge to cool and BAM! easy summer couscous salad. 

Overall the whole weekend was great. My Dad made me eggs in the morning to go along with my soy milk, and I managed to eat out with friends a bunch.

Two restaurants that were great for me were Racine's in downtown Denver, and Kona Grill in Cherry Creek. Racine's let me modify the heck out of my salad and it was so fresh and tasty. The real kudos go to Kona Grill which not only modified my entire meal, but were very understanding and willing to help me have a great meal. I will definitely be trying out the Kona Grill here in Tampa. 

Overall I am getting the hang of how to modify recipes at home and in restaurants to fit my needs. My parents were great and my Mom helped me come up with a few ways to try new recipes. 

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

Till next time...