Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project House update

Since nobody suggested a different name for my ideas I'm going to continue to call it Project House. Here's an update so far:

Project list
  • Frame the 3 bathroom mirrors- Started on the first but it's taking longer than I though because of the glue. You can see the in process picture below
  • Wedding pictures into frames and all frames on the wall- The pictures are at least printed!
  • paint kitchen table a dark brown- I think I found the right color but we need to start the process of the stain
  • Paint in kitchen under the counter- Done! Just need to do a tiny bit of touch up some night (pictures before and after below)
So I obviously have a lot to do still but I never said I would do it all in one weeks's time. A lot of time is taken up by our new guide dog in training Maggie. Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project House

Just like so many other people I am slightly addicted to Pinterest. It was helpful for a few ideas for the wedding and I've had some fun trying out some recipes I found. The most fun pins are the diy and home decor ideas. So I place all blame on Pinterest for my next project: Project House. I can't come up with anything more fun to call it so if anyone has any ideas let me know. 

The idea of my project is this: we have no kids and a brand new house so why not make it magazine perfect now since once we have kids I'd rather focus my energy on family and not making sure every frame is perfect. So I have ideas and am going room by room and project by project. I started today with the master bathroom. Of course I didn't think to do before and after pictures but it's not complete yet either. I have one project left which is to frame the giant mirror. I will take before and after pictures of that. I also want to be as green as I can and rather than buying something new, I'll make sure I can't re-purpose something that I already have. 

Project list
  • Frame the 3 bathroom mirrors
  • Wedding pictures into frames and all frames on the wall
  • paint kitchen table a dark brown
  • paint living room trays a fun color
  • Paint powder room wall
  • Paint in kitchen under the counter
  • Paint master bedroom wall behind bed
  • frame flower print from cousin
  • paint 2 of the living room walls with the strip idea
  • re-decor each room with Pinterest ideas
    • entry table
    • find good place for old cameras
    • entertainment unit stuff
    • guest bedroom
  • Turn my office into a "woman cave" (project room, office, work space)
  • shades for kitchen windows
This may seem like a long list to have in a brand new house but I really want to make our house personal and homey. We are headed to Home Depot tonight for some supplies to start on the projects.. Hopefully this list won't take years to complete. I would love to have this list done within a few months so here's to hoping! Anyone have nay fun diy home projects I should check out?