Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My 2014 fundraising project

The Ironman foundation provides a unique opportunity for athletes to fundraise while they train. I have taken on the challenge of not only participating in the race but also fundraising for the Scott Rigsby Foundation.

"The Scott Rigsby Foundation is the exclusive charity partner of Ironman 70.3 Augusta. I have registered through The Ironman Foundation to raise funds and support our returning warriors. Funds will help military families through The Scott Rigsby Foundation and its partners in the Georgia Warrior Alliance, focusing on Health and Wellness, Education and Employment Assistance."

In the past I have done fundraisers and each time they are personal to me, this is no different. A year ago I was able to help Kathy participate in her first triathlon. I had never done one myself. Kathy is a wounded Veteran, and a friend, and watching her cross off another box on her bucket list was very fulfilling. If I can help other veterans then why shouldn't I, right? I would not being doing triathlon's if it weren't for Kathy (yes she knows it's all her fault) so it's only fitting that my first big race is a fundraiser for others just like her. 

I have a goal of raising $2,500. I know there are a lot of good causes and reasons to give but if you could spare even $5 you would be helping. Below is the link to my fundraising page. Please donate and/or pass it on to anyone that may be able to help support this wonderful cause.

Thank you!

70.3: What did I get myself into

70.3 miles, some water, a bike and a pair of shoes. I will of course need a few more things but I can worry about my packing list later. This September I will be going 70.3 miles in just one race. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.....yikes!!! I still can't believe I signed myself up for this but I'm really excited for the challenge. My blog will following my training and preparation so if you don't want to read about swimming, biking, running or living healthy I understand. I am open to advice and encouragement since this will be my first major race 

A few weeks ago Kathy and I finished the St. Anthony's Olympic distance triathlon and it felt great! Kathy improved a lot since last year and I found out that I like triathlons a lot! It's a unique physical and mental challenge that really gets me excited about working out. When i find something that takes working out from a chore to a privilage I know I should stick wiith it for a while, so I'm doing 70.3. I found a training program that I like and makes sense with my schedule. I'm sure there will be weeks when I don't follow it exactly but nobody's perfect so I'm just going to do the best that I can. 

September 28th I will be swimming, biking and running in Augusta, Georgia in the Half Ironman....and I can't wait!


Friday, April 4, 2014


Last week I turned 29. I have no fears of getting older and so far have enjoyed my new age with friends and loved ones. Today is unique. One year ago Bridget passed away. Writing this I started to put that the world lost Bridget, but we didn't. I see her, and I know so many people do also, in so many places. Driving to work this morning I was thinking about her and her family and I looked up and saw a pink Komen Ribbon sticker on the back of a car. Pink sunsets will always be special. The term "big girl panties" will always bring a smile to my face. How do we honor someone who did so much with not enough time? I will wear my pearls and continue to support the fight against breast cancer.

Bridget always wore pearls, and I love that about her because I love wearing pearls too. Pearls have always been special to me. My mom bought me my first string of pearls for my high school graduation and my godmother bought me a matching bracelet. I hold these two items very close to my heart. I always felt so grown up and classy wearing them. Pearls have become a regular part of my life. I wore them at my wedding, I wear them to work, I wear them with jeans, and heck I even ran a 15k wearing a set of pearls. That last one was to honor Bridget. I wear them when I need a boost of confidence or to feel like I have a fighter in my corner.

Today I wear pearls to honor a friend, former colleague, and an amazing woman: Bridget. Bridget worked for years to kick cancer's rear, she loved hard, played hard, worked hard, and touched many. One year ago Bridget was 29. I am 29.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quilt #2

I think I can now call myself a quilter, or at least past true beginner stage. I completed my second baby quilt and I am already planning my next quilt project. Lots of friends are at the baby stage of life and I enjoy being able to make them something special rather than just buying something online. So baby quilt #2 was made for cutie pie who lives up north and needs to stay warm. Below are a few pictures of the process and then final photo. The back is minky and the front is flannel so it's super soft and warm. With every craft project I learned a bit more about quilting and can't wait to start my next quilt.
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Meal planning- I'm really trying here

I keep trying to meal plan my way to a healthier diet but life always gets in the way. Here is attempt number who knows to plan out the meals for the week. I found online (oh the joys of Pinterest) a meal planning sheet and printed it out. On Sunday night I looked over the schedule for the week and planned out dinners first, lunches are either leftovers or something else that we already have in the house and breakfast is usually yogurt, cereal or a green smoothie. Here is what I planned for dinners for the week.

We tried a boxed quinoa thingy and zucchini- Not bad actually

We had meetings so we ate dinner out

Veggies and soup

Zucchini boat

Going out or eating leftovers

Things will probably change since our schedules are so busy but I can at least try to stick with a schedule each week.