Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Life is constantly changing, and that's a good thing! I'm one of those people who needs a plan for life. When I have no plan for myself I start to stress. Now before anyone tells me that I shouldn't try to plan everything out let me just say my plan has changed more times than Dennis Rodman changed his hair in the 90's. This time my plan is short term: get to the wedding. The wedding is in March and between now and then we have to close on our new house, move, half a dozen (or so) dance performances, 2 work events, 2 work trips, my bachelorette party, a half marathon (and all the training), training for a triathlon relay (I'm only doing the biking), and finish actually planning the wedding. Phew... I'm tired just thinking about it but know that everything will work out in the end. I can't imagine my life being anything less than busy and I think by the time the wedding is here I'll really appreciate getting to slow down and spend time with family and friends. I really can't wait for our adventure packed honeymoon in Costa Rica! Has anyone ever hiked Mt. Chirripo or gone mountain biking at Arenal? If so please send suggestions my way!

A year ago today...

One year ago today I was laying a hospital bed begging for something to be found so the doctors could fix me, the pain would go away, and I could go home, shower, and sleep in my own bed without someone coming to draw blood at 4am. One year later I can say the doctors never found anything. That sounds discouraging....but I don't see it like that. The doctors never found anything because there is nothing wrong. Yes there was something wrong that made me very sick, but for some reason that thing never showed up on any test and all the other symptoms seem to slowly fade as time goes by. That icky sick feeling only pops up sometimes and I'm learning what changes I can make to avoid it next time. I'm not a huge fan of taking a lot of medicine, but it helps so who am I to argue. I don't think we'll ever know what made me so sick last Thanksgiving. I am moving on and I'm happy to do so.