Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of my favorite blogs Simply Southern Girl posted this and I thought it was fun. Here are the ABC's of me!

Age: 26

Bed Size: Queen
Chore you hate: folding the laundry
Dogs: In love with dogs, especially service dogs but don't currently have one because I couldn't dedicate the time it would need
Essential start of your day: chai tea or coffee
Favorite Color: pink! it has been since I was little and now it means so much more
Gold or silver: silver or white gold
Height: 5'10

Instruments: used to play piano but not since about 8th grade
Job Title: soon will be Marketing and Communications Manager :-) can't wait to start my new job!
Kids: I want one maybe two
Live: St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mom's Name: Eileen

Nickname: Katie, Griffers, Katie Beth, (my mom has a few others but I won't share those here)
Overnight hospital stays: ugh 2 times, the first wasn't bad the the other was for 5 nights
Pet Peeve: people who complain about their lives but don't do anything to change it
Quote from a movie: I don't quote movies very often
Right or left handed: Lefy!
Siblings: 2 younger sisters
Time you wake up: 7 on workdays
Underwear: usually vickies
Vegetables you dislike: Cauliflower
What makes you run late: late nights
X-rays you've had done: Teeth, wrist, foot, I think that's it
Yummy food you make: I have to admit that my lasagna is pretty darn good
Zoo animal: monkey

There you have it, just a little more about me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gluten free baseball...needs work

Baseball season is back and I am so excited! Ever since my mom took me to my first basball game (Colorado Rockies) I have been a fan. She taught me all the rules of the game and helped me learn the players stats and numbers. I am a proud owner of the entire original Rockies roster in cards. The other things baseball taught me to love was pretzels with cheese. This has always been by far my favorite ballpark snack.

Fast forward to last week as I made sure my Rays attire was prepared for Friday's opening game. While I will always root for the Rockies, the Tampa Bay Rays have been my team since coming to college in Florida. Since gluten is not currently part of my diet I was a tiny bit upset that I wouldn't be able to have a pretzel during the game. Then it was announced that the Tropicana Field would have a gluten free food stand that would include options such as...........drum roll please..........PRETZELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday came and I practically ran into the stadium to get that food. I was so excited until.........

...there were no pretzels, didn't even have beer. My only options were cider, and dogs. While they did have gluten free buns for the hot dogs I was just over it so I didn't get one. The menu board was half empty so I can only hope that the stand is not complete.

Hopefully I can have my pretzel at the next game I attend.

Let's Go Rays!