Friday, October 22, 2010

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

I have a sweet tooth....I also have multiple food allergies. If Coconut Milk ice cream could always take care of cravings I would be set. Unfortunately I also love carbs (pasta, bread, cookies, you get the point) so the wheat allergy is very upsetting to me.

Now grocery shopping is typically a very frustrating process. I happened to go to Publix to get a few basics and while wandering the isles and hoping for something yummy and safe this box magically appeared.

I nervously looked at the box...waiting to find one of the banned's safe!!!!!!!!! My fiance and I both double and triple checked the box....yup it's safe! I'm pretty sure that my little happy dance was not cute but I don't really care if anyone saw it. 

Bought the mix, took it home and pulled out the mixing bowl. The only change I had to make to keep it safe was to use shortening instead of butter. This made them a tad greasy but I have since then bought vegan butter to use so hopefully that will reduce the greasy factor. *As a side note they were not as greasy once I let them cool off. 

I mixed it all up, ate some dough, and popped them in the oven.

When they came out and finally cooled enough to eat I was such a happy girl!!!! THEY WERE SO GOOD!!

Thank you Betty Crocker for making it easy to have food allergies and a sweet tooth. The cookies are all gone and I think I'll try Betty's Brownies next time. Also thank you Publix for carrying a product like this! 

Till next time....

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