Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kicking off 2013 healthy

Everyone always vows to be healthier in the new year and this year the boot camp I go to started a challenge on the 7th  (Monday) to help people kick off their resolutions. She has put out a challenge to follow a strict meal plan and focus on working out and eating healthy. So hubby and I are eating our salads, drinking our green smoothies and turning down drinks at the bar (this is particularly difficult since we are in a running club that meets at a bar twice a week!!!). We are committed to working out and running and I have committed to walking Miss Maggie 1-2 miles each morning to get my day started right.

So far the first 2 days were rough. We both had headaches (no caffeine and no sugar!!!) and we both had moments of crankiness. But yesterday and today we are feeling better and ready to keep going with this plan for the next 5 and a half weeks. We are both hoping to run a little faster and lighter by the end of this but more than anything I'm excited about making a lifestyle change. I have a sweet a HUGE one, and we both enjoy going out to dinner at less than healthy spots. Once this is over I plan to still visit those restaurants but not nearly as much and when we do, it'll be in moderation.

What are you doing to kick off your resolutions? Have you taken on a challenge of any type?

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