Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Valentine's Present Ever

This year my fiance and I decided that we would celebrate Valentine's Day on Sunday. I told him that all I wanted was to not cook and not worry about my food being "Katie safe". We decided on Kona Grill. I figured they have sushi so I could at least have that, without soy sauce, if I couldn't find anything else that was nut, seed and gluten free. At the beginning of the meal the server asked what we were looking for and I said Gluten Free. Expecting him to have a minimal understanding I was shocked when he said, "oh that's no problem here, just about anything can be prepared gluten free. The kitchen knows what is and isn't gluten free."

After going through many options and explaining how it would be gluten free I was left with a huge problem....I actually had options and now had to pick something!  :-) For those of you on my boat, you can understand how exciting this was. See, I normally have one maybe 2 items on the menu that will work so having a dozen or so choices I felt so normal!

After deciding on sushi, because they have really yummy rolls, the server brought out soy sauce....dun dun dun......not gluten free. I was bummed because I love soy sauce and it was like he was teasing me. I wasn't going to say anything, but my fiance made a comment about soy sauce not being gluten free. The server said "oh yeah, hold on we have gluten free soy sauce."

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We asked to see the bottle, just to be sure, but low and behold it was safe.

I also got to see a sneak peak at a new menu coming soon that shows gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options! I can't wait to go and feel like it's no big deal to eat out. I don't expect every restaurant to have a gluten free menu, but the fact that Kona Grill understands and is willing to be flexible for those of us who have no choice is amazing. I never doubted that my food would be safe and to top it off the food was good!

I'm excited that I have a restaurant that I can go to with friends and family without it being a hassle for anyone. Thank you Kona Grill for my Valentine's Day present of safe food!


  1. Katie, That's awesome! What a great Valentine's present! And what a great boyfriend to speak up about the gf soy sauce. I would have never even thought to ask. He sounds like a keeper :)