Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hi. My name is Katie and I.....

have celiac disease. It's always fun to joke about support groups when someone starts a conversation like that...but are support groups bad?

Since the recent removal of gluten from my diet I have done some online research. The one thing I found most interesting is that there are celiac support groups. Now, when I first saw this I will admit that my initial reaction was less than positive. But I saw this as an opportunity to get a recommendation for a doctor who has experience in the field. So I call the president and hope he has a list of doctors ready and boom my work is such luck.

So one Saturday morning I jumped out of bed with enthusiasm was encouraged/told to drag myself out of my oh so comfy bed, and head to the meeting. As I headed out the door the fiance said to have fun. I wasn't sure at the time whether he should say have fun or good luck. Either way, I made my way to the meeting and slid into a seat at the back of the room. Thoughts of maintaining my cloak of invisibily were soon squashed when all the newbies were asked to share "their story...." hmmm sounds like a different type of support group to me.

After sharing my story and sitting through an informational hour I not only had 4 doctor recomendations but a slue of email addresses and plenty of people saying "oh yeah I've been there, but here's how to make it easier". These crazy symptoms I try to explain no longer seem so crazy when there's 10 other people who totally understand that feeling.

While I'm not sure I will attend every meeting, I do plan on returning when I need to feel less alone in this gluten free journey or need advice on cooking or eating. I suggest a similar group to anyone out there who's body is requiring a gluten free diet.

Have a great weekend!

Go Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!

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