Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Running "blind"

Have you ever run with your eyes closed? Have you ever done any of your daily activities without relying on sight? Sounds easy until you try. I put my shirt on backwards and what I thought were pants ended up being shorts. While my comedic attempt to dress wasn't important, imagine how the rest of my day could have been. When the hubby and I took on the challenge of being puppy raisers for Southeastern Guide Dogs (SEGD) it made us realize how valuable of an asset our eyes really are to us. We've also been lucky enough to meet numerous down right awesome people through the organization. One of those people is a graduate of SEGD (recipient of a guide dog).

Recently at a party for one of the puppies (yes we do those kinds of things) I was asked if I wanted to start running with this woman. I actually thought she was kidding....well she wasn't. She since then has convinced me to do another half marathon (the Women's Half Marathon). For those of you who know me, this is something I said I would NEVER do again. After talking more she let me know she wanted to complete a triathlon at some point. Long story short, hubby and I are her guides for a triathlon here in St. Petersburg. Hubby is going to get on the tandem bike and I am going to swim and run with her.

All three of us know we are in for a unique adventure. Every time I have been running over the last month I'm looking out for things that I will have to verbalize for my new running partner. Trying to describe the surface, explaining a curb, or how to describe that we are turning right or left. Next time you are walking or running, take notice of everything you would have to describe to someone if they couldn't see.


  1. Your adventure sounds so unique and interesting! We'd love to write more about it on Digital Running!

  2. Kathy can be QUITE persuasive - I will be running in the WHM too, for the fourth year in a row! Be sure to sign up as a member of our team - Southeastern Guide Dogs Ladies!
    Jennifer Bement
    Media Relations Manager, Southeastern Guide Dogs

    1. Jennifer,

      I am Kathy's guide for the half so I am for sure on your team. :-)