Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday Miles- Sept 9

Last week I did 18 miles! 10 of those were walking and the remaining 8 were running. As I gear up for both the Susan Komen 3Day in San Diego in November and the Women's Half Marathon I have to combine a running and walking training plan. I have decided on 3 days of running and slowly increasing my miles each week. 1 day each week I am going to fit in a long walk. Last week the miles miles of walking felt great but I know I need to increase those miles too.

Running: My pace this week was slow and steady and I didn't feel like I was breathing well but thanks to my awesome neighbor and new running partner she dragged me through Saturday's longer run and after that I felt re-motivated

Biking: I haven't been on my bike all week since I've been focusing on running but I have it built into next week's plan

Swimming: Taking a slight break (gives my damaged eardrum a break too) but love knowing that I can get back to it easily whenever

Walking: Walking felt great, I do need to work on finding new shoes before too many more walks happen.

Diet: Didn't focus on this at all and it could be the reasoning for my sluggish feeling runs

How did your workouts go last week?

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