Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time to regroup

Wowsers it's September! I have been horrible about updating this blog all summer but I'm ready to buckle down and get back at it. I have heard from many other bloggers that they hit a blogging wall and feel like they have nothing to post about, this was me all summer long. I'm excited to turn over a new leaf and for the first time I have a plan for the blog.

  • Monday Miles: Weekly update on training and fitness
  • Wordless Wednesday: photo fun!
  • Thrilling Thursday: Something random and fun
  • Foodie Friday: Who doesn't like a new recipe or restaurant to try
I hope that this schedule will help me focus and let me know if there're topics that you would like to see me post about.

For today's Thrilling Thursday I'll share my new venture: dog collars. I'm now making dog collars. It's started with our first guide dog Maggie. We found a collar for her that we loved and then I realized I could make them and a lot of other puppy raisers wanted them too! Here's a few pictures of my collars. Let me know if you want one for your pup!

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