Monday, July 26, 2010

What do I eat?

After the last post I had several friends asking what do you eat? That is pretty much the same question I asked myself after all the blood work came back. So for the last few months I have eliminated the foods I reacted to and tried to replace them with equally nutritional items. I will say that Whole Foods and Rollin Oats employees have been very helpful in assisting me to find new foods that I can eat.

I now eat a lot of eggs and cereal for breakfast, turkey sandwiches (with hummus and bacon) on wheat bread for lunch, couscous, cooked veggies and chicken (or some form of meat) for dinners and leftovers. Snack food is definitely the hardest these days. There is one type of pretzel crisps that are safe and I can have hummus and homemade guacamole. The other good snack that I have become a big fan of is "fake peanut butter" (soy butter) and lingonberry jam (from IKEA) on mini flour tortillas.

While I did have to cut out a lot of food options, there are still plenty of replacements. I even found an ice cream replacement (coconut milk ice cream) that actually tastes pretty darn good. My "fake oreos" have real mint oils instead of flavor additives and the goats milk yogurt is surprisingly good on my cereal.

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