Monday, November 8, 2010

First Holiday with Food Allergies: HALLOWEEN!

Halloween was my first holiday with such a long list of allergies. I kept telling myself I was just being really good and not eating junk food but secretly despised the idea of all that candy, that I know tastes so yummy, just sitting in my house. As I think about the holiday a week later, I realize that because I was in my own house for a party, and I controlled what I ate, I did really well! There is still a bowl of candy sitting in the kitchen but honestly I have't been tempted! This is a huge deal for such a sweet tooth, although I would imagine this holiday would be much more difficult for children.

I feel like food allergies make events and experiences a battle...Halloween I won!

Next up is Thanksgiving and the fiancée and I are discussing what we think would be easiest for that day. If we decide to stay at our house I'll probably be online searching for safe recipes but I think I could do it. My biggest hurdle will be the green bean casserole (my absolute favorite holiday dish of all times)...I'm not sure how I can modify the cream of mushroom soup or the breaded fried onions but I'll keep everyone posted on what we decide. Luckily for me the fiancées parents, who will be spending the holiday with us, are flexible and understanding so that makes it easier on me!

Till next time...

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