Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ana: my biggest fear

No I'm not afraid of people named Ana... I'm talking about my newly developed and huge fear of "ana"phylactic shock. Which actually then leads to my other new fear...the Epi pen.

I have never had an anaphylactic reaction. I've been close, but was able to control reactions with benadryl. Of course I always have both my Epi pens close (I used to not carry them but the risk is just not worth the cute little purse that doesn't fit the epi). My fiancée, parents and close friends all know how to use the epi. When I go out with friends I just let them know at the beginning of the evening that I have my epi and benadryl and where they are in my purse.

I'm not actually afraid that I won't use the epi but rather the entire experience of ana and the epi combined. I know that the epi will save my life but there is just something about the whole not being able to breathe, "jabbing" a needle into my thigh, hospital observation time thing that I'm just not a fan of.

My epi pens expire and when I get the new prescription filled this week I'm going to test the old ones. I've been told to use an orange because it's the most similar to my leg, and then to test the other on a cardboard box so I can watch how the pen itself works. I'll take a video of all this for you all to see and hopefully it will ease my, and anyone else's, fear of the epi so that Ana is less frightening.

Till next time....

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Have a great holiday and eat safe!

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