Tuesday, November 9, 2010

GF and DF Homemade Pizza

I love pizza. I used to love when Mom and Dad would order pizza after skiing because we were all tired. I actually won a pizza eating contest in elementary school (and I was the scrawny kid in the class). Food allergies have prevented me from eating pizza because I didn't know where to find "Katie Safe" options. I have been to one restaurant that had pizza I could eat. Beau Jo's in Colorado made me a very very very happy girl by having Gluten Free dough and Dairy Free cheese. On a side note...Colorado Mountain Pie's are the best pizza's ever!

But anyways back to my pizza making experience. I found Gluten Free Pizza Dough mix at the grocery store and decided that I HAD to try it.
 As the box says it is wheat free, soy free, and nut free. It is also corn and dairy free but not rice free.

The dough was very sticky and gooy but the directions on the box warned of that. I always dreamed of tossing pizza dough like an Italian but wheat allergies just don't work with dough tossing.

We added tomato sauce (improvising because that's what you have to do), mushrooms, onions, spinach (they just dried up?) and rice cheese. This was my first Rice cheese experience and while I was nervous I was optimistic. Well....don't eat it uncooked and you'll be fine :-).

All said and done it had a suspiciously similar taste to the rice pasta I eat but we ate it anyways. Either the fiancĂ©e was just being nice and having seconds to make me feel good or it really wasn't bad! I personally was very happy but will look to improve on the cheese for next time.

Till next time...

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