Friday, January 7, 2011

People actually plan menus?

Have you heard that there are people who actually plan ahead and plan a week worth of meals before they go grocery shopping? Ok so it might not be strange, but I don't normally plan my meals that far in advance. Life is always busy and I am always willing to trying something new...this time it is planning our meals ahead of time. I'm hoping it helps reduce post-work craziness of what's for dinner, and keep me on top of my resolution to post 1-2 new recipes a week.

My first step is to take into consideration what is already in the fridge and what needs to get used up. Then I look at our calendar and see how many nights we actually need to cook. From then I head to the internet to find something new that we haven't had in a while (or ever :-)  ).

This week we have some ground turkey I want to use. We only have 5 nights where we will be eating at home. I typed in ground turkey online and got some ideas. Also thank you to some great people on twitter for even more ideas.

Sunday: Ragu sauce with ground turkey and pasta (Thanks for the recipe @youcancookthis
Monday: Lasagna (will be my first homemade attempt)
Tuesday: Crockpot dinner- probably a chicken something (suggestions welcome)
Wednesday: Leftover night! (I have a meeting for Komen so I won't have time to cook)
Thursday: Fiance will be out for the evening with work so I will just snack on leftovers
Friday: White chili with turkey meat
Saturday: Date night out! No cooking for me!

I'll post each recipe (assuming it is delicious) after we do our taste test. I usually take a standard recipe and modify it either for food allergies or preferences.

Does anyone else plan meals like this? Does it work?


  1. Chicken and dumplings for the crock pot! - with carrots and celery and stuff...yummm!

  2. Thanks Devon! I found a Moroccan chicken I'm going to try but next week I'll add chicken and dumplings and let you know how it goes!