Monday, January 3, 2011

What a year :-)

2010 has been a busy year with many ups and a few downs. Here are a few of the highlights:

The Ups

  • I got Engaged!
  • Did my first road bike race in Colorado with my Dad
  • Ran my first (and maybe last haha) half marathon
  • Spent our anniversary in Phoenix 
  • Started taking dance classes again (a very exciting up)
  • Ran/biked (and completed) Muddy Buddy in Orlando
  • Bought a new car :-)
  • Joined the Race for the Cure board
  • Spent a weekend with friends at a secluded cabin
  • Spent a weekend in northern NY for a friend's bachelorette weekend
  • Dog sat my parents awesome service puppy for 2 weeks
  • Visited St. Augustine for the first time with the fiance and my parents (and the service puppy)
  • Spent Christmas with my sisters, parents, and the new service puppy
  • Started my blog!
The Downs
  • Diagnosed with food allergies
  • Decided running might not be my thing (not necessarily a horrible thing :-)  )
  • Spent 5 days in the hospital because of stomach infection and a yet to be diagnosed stomach problem

Overall I'm going to say this was an amazing year for me. I had a few down moments but I have such great support from people around me that it makes it all ok. I have my resolutions for the new year planned and I'm ready to hit the ground running with a busy 2011. 

Happy New Years to all!

Till next year!


  1. That's quite a year! Sorry about the food allergies and the hospitalization. I hope they figure out the problem. I have some stomach ailments and I have drink a few concoctions every day. Happy New Year to you and good luck on the Race for the Cure Committee!

  2. My favorite is #1 in the ups! :o)

  3. Julie- another "up" is meeting you!

    Thanks Devon that's my favorite too!