Monday, May 14, 2012

5 months into 2012's resolutions

At the beginning of the year I decided to set myself monthly goals that felt attainable rather than 1 or 2 overwhelming giant goals for the year. So how am I doing?

January: Get the house unpacked and settled
So with the new job that I started right after moving this didn't happen quite as fast as I thought but we are settle and only room (it's an extra office so it's not like anyone but us sees it anyways) really needs attention.

February: Run the Rock and Roll half marathon
I walked a lot of this because I didn't train like I should of but I finished- Hubby ran the whole thing and did great!)

March: Love my wedding and new marriage
Check and check! My wedding was amazing and I'm loving married life!

April: Plant, and try not to kill, some flowers for spring
Yeah this just didn't happen. But the in-laws sent us a bamboo plant that's still alive so I think that counts for something

May: Try boxing
I just finished a boot camp with the idea that I would be more prepared for boxing but I'm actually enjoying boot camp so I'm going to stick with that for a bit longer. I'll do boxing when I'm bored with boot camp. 

I think I've done pretty darn well so far! Looking ahead I feel like each of these goals are still attainable. Next month I gave myself the goal of one bucket list item but didn't share which one. We are going to Vegas for a weekend so that takes care of that but I wanted to do something else. So I'm still debating which item I'll do but I'm thinking either #2, #7, or #37. Any suggestions?

I hope all moms had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!

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