Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm a runner...

At what point did you start calling yourself a runner? Was is after your first 5k, or was there a moment where it just hit you?

My first 5k was the Race for the Cure in Denver when I was 12 years old. My Dad's company had a team and I decided it was a good idea for him and I to do it together. I remember having to stop and walk all the time and feeling like 3 miles took forever! I never ran again until 2009 when hubby was in charge of a 5k race at his Alma mater Eckerd College. I helped set up and then "ran" the course. By "ran" I mean I mostly walked and had a few short jaunts of slow jogging. Although I seemed to despise the act of running there was something motivating about running.

Since then I have been participating in various 5k races, 2 half marathons, 10ks and other distances. It wasn't until Sunday around noon while driving home from the Gasparilla 8k that I decided that I am ....a RUNNER!

I had just finished the 8k after participating in the 15k on Saturday. I had my medals and official times and I felt awesome. I know there are people that ran faster and farther...but there always will be those people. I don't know what it was but I now feel like I can actually call myself a runner. I can't wait to tackle my next challenge of improving my pace and continue to add race bibs to my collection.

When did you consider yourself a runner?

trying to do the heel click jump during the 15k....I look more like a jumping goat haha

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  1. Fun photo! I used to be a runner - till my knees ( & doc) decided otherwise. Now I'm a walker :)