Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I will call it cilantro lime chicken

Last night I got home much later than expected, had nothing prepared for dinner and was hungry. I had chicken and a few other random things so I started in on it.

Put coconut oil (or your preferred oil) in a pan to coat
  • add the following
    • chicken breasts
    • some lime juice (I probably used about a 1/2 tbls)
    • garlic (2 cloves chopped up)
    • cilantro
    • basil
    • mushrooms
  • I let that all cook up until chicken was no longer pink
  • Add a little of your favorite shredded cheese (I used a vegan mozzarella) and let melt
  • Add spinach at the end and only cook just until it wilts. 
This would be good with rice or potatoes and took me less than 30 minutes. The lime added a nice flavor, especially with the mushrooms. This meal is void of the top 8 allergies, and could easily be modified to fit food allergy or picky eater needs. I think I will try a small amount of onions next time too. 

I hope you can use this when you are in a bind and need dinner quick. Please comment and let me know what modifications you make and how it turns out!


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