Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's April, no fooling

March was so busy but we had a ton of fun. March goals were to enjoy the mountains and participate in a snowshoe event. We decided not to do the snowshoe event and spend more time just relaxing together. Instead we totally enjoyed the mountains and time with my family. Maggie was an awesome traveler, did great on the planes, loved playing with my parents lab Alpine, and had tons of fun in the snow. I'm so glad we got the chance to travel with Maggie and even more fun that she experienced snow and met my family.

Maggie and I playing in snow
Jeff and Maggie in the snow
Enjoying the post skiing time
Sleepy puppy on the airplane back to Florida

As I look at the calendar for the month I am already looking forward to some down time in May. April's goal  is to sew myself an outfit. I haven't decided what the outfit will be but I'm excited to go online and to the fabric store. I think a flow-y dress for the summer to throw on for lunch with friends or running errands. April  also means spring cleaning around here and I decided to go room at a time this year. 1 room/area a day. Last night was the kitchen and wow it looks so much better now. I have a Pinterest idea I saw for the fridge but I didn't have time for that last night. Today's area is the stairs and upstairs hallway. Do you do spring cleaning?


  1. I want to learn to sew! That is such a great goal for April. Have you always known how to sew or did you take a class?

    1. I knew as a kid but I received a nice sewing machine for Christmas so I want to get back into it by starting with some simple things. I may take a class also.