Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Watch out for obstacles

By now, most of my friends know about my latest running adventure. You can get caught up here if you missed the first part. Being someone else's eyes is sometimes easier and sometimes harder than you would think. Walking down a sidewalk isn't too hard, but watch out for other people who don't realize that your walking/running buddy can't see them and isn't going to move out of the way. And that curb, we haven't even tried running over those yet. Little kids are sometimes oblivious (yes we almost knocked one over last night because I wasn't thinking fast enough) and dogs on retractable leashes that want to smell us because we both have dogs...DANGER DANGER!

Each time we run I learn something about running, myself, or how to be a guide. The first run I realized that I had to be on the opposite foot so that arm swings matched up (we are tethered by our wrists). The second run I learned that I could base our intervals on breathing recovery. Last night I learned that we are both strong and we will totally rock this half marathon in November. She has already improved her time by almost 30 seconds per mile!!!!

The other thing to remember when doing any training or running, have fun! Stop and take a picture or have a good laugh!

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