Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's ok to have a blah day

I like to think of myself as a normally chipper and happy person, but everyone should be allowed to have blah days. There are those days when things are just not right in your world and there is nothing you can do to fix them. Sometimes those blah days are due to factors that other people directly affect but they have no idea how important this factor is to you. 

So you put on your happy face and suck it up right? Is it ok just have a blah day where you maybe don't want to talk with people, or deal with a certain task? How do you deal with those feelings? Do you become a hermit or do you seek time with others?

What do you do on your blah day?


  1. I usually plop myself down in front of the tv and unplug or read a book. Sometimes yoga helps if I'm feeling antsy. Just get out to clear your mind.

    1. I ended up going out for food and drinks with the hubby and he did make me feel better. I think next time I will try getting outside and get some natural vitamin D also.