Friday, December 24, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I normally don't have New Years resolutions. I typically just pick one area of my life to focus on and improve as an overall goal. Needless to say there is never any benchmarks or control. This year I have a plan! I am putting all my New Year's Resolutions on the blog so that all of you can hold me accountable. I have 4 overall topics and then various "benchmarks" that I want to accomplish. A few of them may be limited by if I'm able to run again soon without upsetting my stomach. Here they are and feel free to ask me whenever how I'm doing with each of them.
  • Wedding
    • NO STRESS planning
    • Have vendors secured and set by end of August- little details don't need to be complete
  • Komen Race for the Cure
    • Establish twitter account (already done!!!)
    • Establish Linkedin
    • Optimize Social Media
    • Tweet live from each event
    • Market each event @ least 5 weeks prior
    • Have equally successful Race numbers or better as 2010
  • Fitness
    • Pink Bikini Stoll- End of Spring- Actually wear (confidently) a pink bikini!
    • Run entire Muddy Buddy running sections
    • Aerial= be able to perform 1 apparatus by Dec 2011 (probably hoop)
  • Blog
    • 1-2 recipes per week
    • review products 1/month
    • turn blog into something video
So there they are. Feel free to ask me how they are going throughout the year! I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!

TIll next time...


  1. Good Luck with your resolutions. My resolution is to ski Resolution as in Resolution Bowl!

  2. Very nice Dad...Ski some for me

  3. I'm going to join you on wearing a bikini confidently! :o)

  4. Nice Devon! We can motivate each other!