Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Cleaning gone green

Do you use store bought cleaners or do you make your own with less chemicals and harsh materials? I have decided that over the next year or so I will make the move from store bought chemicals to homemade cleaners. The more I read (no I don't believe everything I read online) I feel that there is no need for the harsh chemicals in the house. I took the first step and have started using baking soda and/or vinegar where I can instead of things like windows, mirrors, and bathrooms. My plan is to use anything we already have and rather than replacing it, find a recipe for a homemade version.

Here's a perfect example:

Our shower door is clear glass and the hard water stains had built up so much it looked like it was frosted. I have tried various cleaners and nothing had worked but my hands would feel raw and dry after trying. After doing the ol' google search and reading through some blogs I took to the shower with a water/vinegar mix, a scruby brush, some Epsom and half a lemon. half and hour later and a lot of elbow grease later my shower door is just about spotless!  I'm hoping that keeping up with the cleaning I won't need to do such and intense cleaning. As I looked at my hard work this morning and was not only happy at how clean it is, I realized there were no chemicals in my shower now. I really should have taken before an after pictures to show but believe me it's clear glass now.

Soon I will need laundry detergent and granite cleaner. Does anyone have recipes for those? 

What do you think of green cleaning? Should we stick with natural homemade solutions or continue with the store bought pre-mixed chemicals?


  1. It's not a recipe, but my yoga teacher started Savvy Green in St. Pete and their laundry detergent is amazing!

  2. Green cleaning products are a good choice for the health of your family and the health of the environment. Its getting easier to use these now because many lower cost brands are coming out with "clean" versions of their products.