Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Belated 2014

I am just horrible about keeping this bog up to date but one of my 2014 goals (not resolutions) is to keep this updated more often. I always make goals, life happens, and goals don't always get accomplished and that's ok. Let's review what I planned to do in 2013 and how that turned out.

~January: Paint the kitchen table and chairs and do backsplash in kitchen- still hasn't happened haha
~February: Run entire 15k Gasparilla Race and take sewing class- only walked a little and have taught myself how to sew
~March: Complete Romp to Stomp in Colorado and enjoy the mountains- we enjoyed the mountains but chose not to do the Romp to Stomp and spend more time with family. It was the right decision.
~April: Sew myself a summer outfit- Started making dog collars instead!
~May: Visit the Everglades- Still hasn't happened
 ~June: Take a mountain biking road trip- We got a new puppy instead haha
~July: Be a good training walk leader and actually doing the training for the 3-Day- I did train...some
~August: Try a new outdoor adventure- I did a triathlon!
~September: Have a second Guide dog pup in training- We brought home Westen in May or June (bad puppy mom for not knowing)
~October: Have a successful Tampa 3-Day- I am very pleased with how the final Tampa 3Day went, not please that it was the final one though
~November: Complete 60 miles in San Diego- Done! I'll try to remember to post about this
~December: Start a new hobby- I taught myself how to quilt! and I'm learning how to box which is on my 30 before 30 list!

And here are the "anytime in 2013 goals"

~Turn Maggie In For Training- Done...sniff*
~Get rid of blue couch!- Done!!!!!!
~Hang all artwork in house- Did this finally!
~Complete craft corner of office- Hubby and his Dad helped finish this and it's great!
 ~Complete the Spartan Challenge in under 1 hour and 15 minutes- Done in April!

Overall I'd say this was a very successfull year for goals accomplished and even those I didn't do. I'm proud of the things I have learned and had to deal with and ready for a wonderful 2014. Speaking of 2014, I have a few goals. I debated putting a goal a month like I did for 2013 but with the uncertainty of life I'm just going to make 14 goals for 2014. Here they are:
  1. Get Lucky Paws (my collar et al business) off the ground and running
  2. Complete the St. Anthony's Triathlon with Kathy (I am her guide for all 3 disciplines this year yikes!)
  3.  1 week juice cleanse- I have been wanting to do this or a while and it's on my 30 before 30 list
  4. Sub 30 minute 5k
  5. Learn how to box- I already started this but have a lot to learn still
  6. 10 real pushups
  7. Blog more regularly
  8. Redecorate the master bedroom
  9. 14 races of any distance
    1. Feb 1: Best Damn Race 10k
    2. March 16: Sarasota half marathon
    3. April 27: St. Anthony's Triathlon
    4. At least 1 sprint tri
    5. a few more 10k races
    6. The rest of the races will be decided on soon and I'll try to post about this throughout the year
  10. Read 5 books- I always want to read more and so now I'm going to make it a tangible goal
    1. Gone Girl- Everyone says it's a must read
    2. The Monuments Men- coming out on film this year and I want to read it before I see it
    3. Allegiant- I've read the first and am almost done with the second of this trilogy
    4.  Taking suggestions for others
  11. Learn a new life skill/hobby
  12. Do another sprint triathlon
  13. Take a weekend Florida-cation with Jeff
  14. Let little things go and have fun!
Do you set goals, resolutions, plans or something else at the beginning of each year? What are some of your favorites?

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