Friday, January 10, 2014

My first quilt

"so I saw this thing on Pinterest..."

My dear husband has heard this a lot and some of these "things" don't always turn out so great. My shoe closet, was pretty darn awesome but there were these stuffed cabbage rolls in the crock pot last week that were less than stellar. I'm not sure where I got the idea that I can make a quilt but I was determined. After some youtube videos and a trip to Joann Fabrics I was ready to make my first attempt. I chose a baby quilt size since that is smaller. I was making it for a friend who also wouldn't judge if the stitches weren't totally perfect. :-)

I started with a pre-cut fabric set so that I didn't have a lot of cutting or stitching to do on my first quilt. There were 5 pieces of fabric so I used the 5th as an added strip to make the blanket wider. For the back I used a super soft minky fabric and then precut binding for the edges. My sewing machine is a Janome and it was great. I did get a walking foot for the quilting and that helped a ton.

I am not going to attempt to write tutorial because there are so many online that are more helpful than what I would put together. Here is a picture of the final product and I'm excited to say that I'm already working on the next baby quilt.

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