Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meal planning- I'm really trying here

I keep trying to meal plan my way to a healthier diet but life always gets in the way. Here is attempt number who knows to plan out the meals for the week. I found online (oh the joys of Pinterest) a meal planning sheet and printed it out. On Sunday night I looked over the schedule for the week and planned out dinners first, lunches are either leftovers or something else that we already have in the house and breakfast is usually yogurt, cereal or a green smoothie. Here is what I planned for dinners for the week.

We tried a boxed quinoa thingy and zucchini- Not bad actually

We had meetings so we ate dinner out

Veggies and soup

Zucchini boat

Going out or eating leftovers

Things will probably change since our schedules are so busy but I can at least try to stick with a schedule each week.

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